Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art form of flower arrangement. Its traditions encompass a great depth of history, cultural and spiritual awareness, and its influence extends well beyond Japan. Thousands of people, men and women, practice this art worldwide, rewarded by the beautiful arrangements they create, which express the Ikebana International motto: Friendship through Flowers.
These arrangements are created in a variety of styles ranging from the very formal and traditional to more recent styles that encourage free-style creations. They range from the very small, perhaps a single flower in a vase, to very large constructions (‘installations’) which may fill a stage or a large space. The aim is to create an arrangement which suits the space, large or small, and which is visually coherent and satisfying.
Perhaps you are interested in beginning this relaxing and rewarding art form. You are welcome to start your journey by atttending one of our monthly meetings, as a guest, at the Toorak Uniting Church Hall, 603 Toorak Rd, Toorak on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. See our Programme page, above.
Once you have decided which style interests you we can provide you with a list of expert accredited teachers and the fees involved. Your teacher will then guide you through the graded textbooks and lessons relating to that school, and you will be able to develop your skills at a pace that suits you. You will be taught about flowers and different plant materials, about the appropriate containers (vases) to use, about placing the materials in their correct positions and how best to exhibit your work.
Along the way you will get great joy out of your arrangements, you will make many new friends who will willingly share their experiences, advice, knowledge and friendship with you. You will be encouraged to take out certificates for each level you achieve, both to reinforce your achievements and to help you advance to the next level. Through this pathway you may achieve Teacher status, even though this may not be your personal goal. Above all else, you will be richly rewarded personally by the experience. 

Studying Ikebana